Zen Garden Website
Website Redesign
Duration: 4 Weeks
Project Type: : UI Design, CSS Compatible, Art Direction
CSS Zen garden is an online resource “built to demonstrate what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.” With creative freedom and no specific targeted user, I was able to improve my technical skills, think more creatively and critically, and create designs that are optimized for web and mobile platforms. In addition, I improved the user experience and ensuring that the designs are functional and practical.

Responsibility: UX/UI Designer
Even though there was no target audience, its important to sketch out layouts that were possible within CSS constraints. I worked with a 5 column grid for my mid-fidelity wireframes.


I experimented with new techniques and technologies, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. This led to new discoveries and insights that can be applied to future projects, further expanding my skillset and creativity. The results were fun and colorful styles , pulling from my personal design style.

Without a target audience, there were no constraints by the expectations and preferences of a specific group. This led to designs that are unique , making a lasting impact on the viewer.
exploration of different styles
style tiles
Tilda Publishing
This design solution is versatile and scalable, making it a great fit for large corporate companies. Its sophisticated and detailed aesthetic exudes professionalism and conveys trustworthiness, essential qualities for establishing a strong corporate identity.
The power of design shown by giving content context with different style tiles:
final style tile
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